F5: FPP Financial Focus FilmFest

Congratulations to the Award Recipients at the 2019 F5: The Second Wave, the FPP Financial Focus FilmFest!

Viewers’ Choice, Audience Award:

“Origami Bull”
Run Time: 6:47
Creator: Summer Medina (USA)

“Can a Man Trust his Neighbor in a World that Does Not Trust Him?”

Judges’ Choice, Assessor Award:

Run Time: 10:31
Creator: Abdullah Sahin (Turkey)

“When a Pair of Cleats Represents True Friendship.”

Congratulations to all films shared at the 2019 FilmFest, as well as a thank you to all of the nearly 600 films submitted for the 2019 event!

Financial Capability for the next generation is growing because of your work!