For Educators

If you are a public or private middle or high school teacher, youth group leader, non-profit or community program leader, or in any way influence the next generation, these Financial Capability learning resources are for you!  

The pages accessible below are designed to allow you, the Educator, to easily use to engage young people in meaningful learning conversations about how to manage their personal finances.  The approach has two components:  1) an entertaining, short film and 2) a Discussion Guide that allows you to facilitate a time of interaction with a group of students or young adults. 

To Access the Free Resources . . .

Please send a request to to receive the password at no charge for each of the high-quality films on this site.  The FPP/F5 team is happy to share these resources with all Educators, no matter your capacity! 

How Long are These Financial Capability Lessons?

The lessons included on this site may be as brief as 45 minutes to address select Discussion Questions and Activities prior to and/or after viewing the film.  The lessons may last as long as 90 minutes with in-depth conversations and learning activities that help the emerging generation develop a deeper sense of how to effectively create their own future financial story. 

What is the Age Range for These Financial Capability Lessons?

The lessons included on this site may be suitable for any young person in their early teens to early twenties, and into adulthood.   

Films and materials:

"Origami Bull"
"Without Home"
"The Shoes"
"The Girl With Blue Eyes"
"The Wasted Effort"
"Saving Jake"
"Christmas Bonus"
"My Daughter Yoshiko"
"Ghost In the Field"
"Grand Hotel"