For Filmmakers

Why the FPP Financial Focus FilmFest (F5)?

FPP believes in the power of entertainment used to help others learn (Walt Disney called it “edutainment”). The F5 initiative is intended to engage financial educators to show them the benefits of teaching personal financial topics using content that entertains, informs and influences. Further, the film work will provide Florida learning leaders resources they can incorporate into their lesson plans. The desired outcome is to get students of all ages watching your short film/video in classrooms across Florida. When they do, our next generation of Floridians will be better prepared for their financial future.

Call for Submissions

Questions related to the Call for Submissions are to be forwarded to the address.

A financial advisor will be made available, if requested! Florida Prosperity Partnership is connected with many knowledgeable volunteers available for filmmakers to “talk through” the financial aspects of their production!

Multiple submissions from an individual or team of filmmakers are welcome!