FPP does not seek traditional, industry teaching videos! Funny, dramatic, thought-provoking content that engages the audience is an essential for this Call for Submissions!

Submission Content Details

The film or video content must deliver entertainment value (a creative, engaging approach), while not necessarily directly teaching a lesson (a la “talking head”).

Additionally, FPP desires to impart ethical and moral financial decision-making through the FilmFest content. Submissions that deliver messages that favor saving over consumption, living within one’s means, and making responsible financial choices are desired.

I Have Filmmaking Skills, But I Don’t Know Much About Finance . . .

Rest assured, FPP is here to help filmmakers with their financial knowledge if they have the talent to tell an engaging story! FPP is thrilled to connect filmmakers with a mentor to help with that aspect of the production. What FPP wants most is your story-telling talent!

Contact to be connected with a Financial Knowledge Mentor right away!

Cash Prizes, and a Positive Impact on the Next Generation

Cash prizes are awarded to those filmmakers who the FilmFest judges deem as the most impactful (see the Awards page). Yet the F5 initiative is so much more than a contest.

The FPP Financial Focus FilmFest is part of a larger initiative to bring an edutainment approach to developing greater Financial Literacy to the emerging generation of the Florida and beyond. As you will see in the For Educators section, selected films will be paired with Discussion Guides and made available to educators who desire to positively influence young people with edutainment and interactive, discussion- and activity-based learning!

The F5 is a filmmaker’s opportunity to make a difference using their creativity, reaching thousands of students in Florida and beyond to become more financially savvy and secure in their future!

Call for Submissions and Deadlines

Questions related to the Call for Submissions are to be forwarded to the address.

A financial advisor will be made available, if requested! Florida Prosperity Partnership is connected with many knowledgeable volunteers available for filmmakers to “talk through” the financial aspects of their production!

For full information on submission, choose one of these platforms:

Multiple submissions from an individual or team of filmmakers are welcome!